​The AMUT Industrial Group of Italy has 6 companies and is able to offer a wide range of plastics and packaging machinery such as:

The types of extrusion lines, thermoforming, recycling, production lines of flexible films, packaging, printing and converting are the latest technology in the world, which are as follows:

1) AMUT: single-rolled and double-grooved extruders (parallel and non-circular conic) and plastic extrusion lines for the production of various types of polymer sheets (for thermoforming: PET, PP, PE, ..., hollow: PP, PC, Beds: ABS, PMMA and ...), profiles, all kinds of plastic wood, tube and geomembrane.

2) AMUT-COMI: Thermoforming machines for the production of all kinds of high-speed, single or one-use inline cups of different types and speeds available at the K-SHOW 2016, recently held in Germany, from series machines The new (ACF), which can be produced as a T-IML, has unveiled innovations and optimizations.

3) AMUT-DOLCI.BIELLONI: Provides the most advanced film and foil production machines (Blown and Cast) for the production of all types of protective films for barrier films up to 9 layers, wide variety of films, geomembranes, FFS films Packing of petrochemical products .... Stretch film and 5 layer film, speed of 1000 m / min, etc., Flexo printing machines up to 10 colors (with central drum or type of stack), Kouting extrusion machines and laminate two and three Stopwatch, roller opener, rollover ...

4) AMUT-ECOTECH: Polymer waste recycling machines for PET, PP, PE ..., car tires, glass and metal cans etc. at various capacities

5) AMUT-WORTEX: Types of Machines for Sorting and Separating Urban or Industrial Waste from Origin and Material Handling Systems

6) AMUT North America: The North American Company