Atein Industries Idea Company with over a decade of successful and brilliant experience in the country's plastics industry Providing the latest technology and solutions for machinery and plastic industry and packaging lines The bundle is. Given the wide range of business partners of the company from leading and leading European and Asian companies, Therefore, they are able to provide various solutions such as: extrusion, composing, plastic injection, molding Wind, printing and automation. Handling systems, welding machines and plastic joints and ... with the latest And the most up-to-date technologies are the key. Client-oriented and providing optimal and competitive services in accordance with world-wide standards of policy Atbin Industrial Idea Company is a well-trained and specialized team with your needs and requirements Dear and respected investor, We are very familiar and our goal is to provide the best advice, solutions, Technology and services to give you and see your growth and prosperity

In summary, the company's services are as follows:

  • - Consulting and providing the most up-to-date solutions in the field of investment and establishment of plastic and packaging industry factories, development and modernization of production lines
  • - Experienced personnel, customer and expert
  • - Know how transfer training and transfer of know-how
  • - Exclusive after-sales service, construction order, shipping, quick and timely installation
  • - Collaboration to supply the necessary raw materials as well as to participate in the marketing and sale of manufactured products